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Anxiously Intimate Bundle

Welcome to the Anxiously Intimate bundle from Rouse Academy!

Save big with this three-course bundle, and watch all courses on our new app!

You'll have all the resources you need to confidently embrace your sexuality, ability and communication skills.

  • Too Anxious for Intimacy, you'll receive guidance on understanding and overcoming performance anxiety and how to accept and embrace yourself without judgment.

  • Talking About Performance Anxiety will provide key tools for having more fulfilling conversations about sex with yourself and with partners. 

  • Mindf*ck will guide you through erotic mindfulness exercises to try by yourself or with a partner – allowing you to feel more confident in your sense of self.

Each course is developed by experienced mental health professionals who understand the experience of anxiety within sex and relationships. The courses also feature stories from people who have experienced similar anxieties as well as interactive activities meant to help reduce anxiety related to sex and relationships.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity today and step into a world where you can gain confidence in your sexuality, ability and communication skills – giving you the knowledge to build meaningful connections with others.



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