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Don't feel betrayed by your body anymore.


Don't choose between sex and anxiety. 

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Sex Worriers: A Mindfully Queer Guide to Men's Anxiety Around Sex and Dating


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Drop In

Learn how to slow down your anxiety to find your confidence

  • Mindfulness practices
  • Solo and partnered erotic exercises
  • Reflective writing prompts
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Slow down

Learn practical skills to get connected with yourself

  • Learning your desires
  • Slowing down anxiety
  • Communicate with your partner
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Integrate yourself

Continue your journey of becoming your whole self

  • Reduce shame
  • Increase self-love
  • Learn about yourself
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Feel confident

Our workbook is designed to identify how anxiety hurts your sex life, then helps you discover your way to confidence and certainty

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What customers are saying...

Great resource for psychotherapists working with clients with sexual anxiety issues..”

Erika Dyal

"Rouse helped me by taking my focus into the experience, allowing me to feel less stressed."


"full of hopeful practical help for dealing with anxiety-driven ED.  Most useful was providing the language for how to talk about it with a potential partner."

Workshop attendee

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