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Don't feel betrayed by your anxiety anymore.

Get access to the mini-course on understanding and changing your relationship to sex anxiety.

In 90 minutes you'll understand the essentials of sex anxiety, allowing you to begin improving your confidence and knowledge of self.

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Learn how anxiety kills your sex life. 


Follow a date and see how anxiety gets in the way

  • During the date
  • During sex


Gain the skills to bring down anxiety.

Gain confidence to talk about your needs. 

Sign up for the 90 minute course and leave with a whole new perspective on sex anxiety.

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From the instructor:

Stop feeling betrayed by your body.


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Rouse helped me by taking my focus into the experience, allowing me to feel less stressed and worried”

- Course participant


“David is a knowledgeable and down-to-earth presenter. He teaches with great thoughtfulness and dry humor.”

-Workshop attendee


“The workshop was full of hopeful practical help. Most useful was providing the language for how to talk about it with a potential partner.”

- Workshop attendee

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Don’t wait! Stop feeling betrayed by your anxiety.



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