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About Us

clouds representing waking up. Rouse Sexual Wellness offering online sex therapy for men

Rouse Sexual Wellness


Rouse was started by David Khalili, LMFT, a licensed sex and relationship therapist in California. As a first-generation American born child of immigrants and a member of the LGBTQIA+ population, David wanted to offer sex and relationship therapy and education for those in the margins. 

Rouse aims to help those with sex anxiety reach more accepting and loving views of themselves. We also acknowledge the heaviness of carrying intersecting marginalized identities in our clients, which is why our Rouse team comprises members of your communities.  

We understand.


"I've been there. The churning thoughts, trying to figure out what you did or didn't do to impact a relationship. The anxiety of feeling like not enough and/or too much can be overwhelming. Holding intersecting identities while working to identify your own needs and boundaries can be hard work. You don't have to keep struggling to feel okay."


Over time you can start to slowly tolerate parts of yourself, then you can accept them, and finally our goal is to help you unabashedly love yourself. 

Feel Less Shitty About Yourself

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Dive deep into our courses and resources geared towards your wellness. Learn more about anxiety, communication and mindfulness.


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Join with others who are working on resolving similar concerns. Sign up for the waitlist for the Anxiously Intimate sex and anxiety coaching group coming up! 


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Follow an interactive workbook for men's anxiety around sex and dating. On your own time, discover how anxiety impacts you directly and learn coping skills!


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