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Sex Worriers: A Mindfully Queer Guide to Men's Anxiety Around Sex and Dating

Are you a sex worrier? 


Does anxiety prevent you from enjoying sex? This interactive workbook is for men who get stuck in their thoughts, and have difficulty being present enough to enjoy sex and dating. If you've become frozen when talking to a potential partner or during sex, this workbook may help you. Using mindfulness, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and queer theory, Sex Worries offers solutions for your anxiety.

You don't have to feel betrayed by your anxiety and body anymore. You don't have to choose between sex and anxiety. These interactive exercises and prompts can potentially help you slow down and work through your anxiety so you can have a more fulfilling sex life.

Exercises include:

  • Grounding skills for anxiety
  • Learning how anxiety impacts you
  • Identifying what turns you and your partner on
  • Exercises to rebuild intimacy with your partner
  • Communication skills to listen and speak with your partner about sex
  • Interactive prompts to learn more about your relationship with sex and anxiety

This workbook is geared towards:

  • Men who avoid sex and dating because of anxiety
  • Men who are self-conscious around sex and dating
  • Partners of men whose anxiety impacts their sex life
  • Men who experience erectile or performance difficulties
  • Therapists, sex therapists, sex coaches and dating coaches who work with men's anxiety around sex and dating


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Read this workbook now to start the process towards a more fulfilling sex life!

Please note: This is not a substitute for therapy or medical services. This is best in addition to professional and medical support.

What People Are Saying:

The workshop was full of hopeful practical help for dealing with anxiety-driven ED. Most useful was providing the language for how to talk about it with a potential partner. Learning how to make anxiety around intimacy talkable is key.

Workshop Attendee

Rouse helped me by taking my focus into the experience, allowing me to feel less stressed.

Former Client