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Get out of your own head. Join me for a mindful guide to great sex.


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Get Mindful with Sex Anxiety

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Discover how mindfulness can soothe anxiety. 

  • Learn quick coping skills for anxiety
  • Learn what is sex anxiety
  • Understand how anxiety can be quelled


Learn solo erotic mindfulness exercises

  • Slow down and enjoy yourself
  • Discover your turn ons and desires through self discovery


Get down with a partner and learn mindful erotic techniques

  • Find each others hot spots
  • Sink into the moment and discover each other
  • Improve sexual communication


Join me for 90 minutes and leave with techniques to get centered to explore and discover your desires.
Pay what you want, and start today!
From David Khalili, LMFT:

We're not conquering or battling anxiety. 

We're relating to your needs and desires, then helping you tune into your partner.


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Check out what others say:


The workshop was full of hopeful practical help for dealing with anxiety driven ED. Most useful was providing the language for how to talk about it with a potential partner.
-Former Participant


Rouse helped me by taking my focus into the experience, allowing me to feel less stressed.

-Former Client


Humor made the workshops more engaging and fun.
- Former Participant

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Bang your way to mindfulness.


Learn from a sex and relationship therapist with 20 years experience working with sex and anxiety. 
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