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Ranking Our Most Powerful Vibrators

Feb 08, 2024

Photo courtesy of OAK + ARROW

If you need a lot of stimulation to get off, this one is for you: We narrowed down which vibrators in our sex toy shop deliver the strongest buzz. The competition was fierce—we carry some excellent toys—but we found our winners (and listed them here for you).

The Most Powerful Palm Vibrators

Our newest vibrator is a powerhouse clitoral stimulator. It generates intense vibration, yes. But what we’re most excited about is its tapping function: There’s a pad near the tip of the heart that drums in and out instead of vibrating in place. It feels incredible. And it’s a reliable path to orgasm.

  1. Powerful Vibrators


    goop Wellness
    Heartthrob Vibrator
    goop, $98



When it comes to a single vibrating motor, We-Vibe’s Touch X is the strongest in this category, without a doubt.

  1. Powerful Vibrators


    Touch X
    goop, $99



The Most Powerful Wand

Wand vibrators are best known for packing some serious power. The first ones, prized by famed sex educator and masturbation expert Betty Dodson, required so much energy that they needed to be plugged into the wall. The modern versions are smaller, lighter, and cuter—and rechargeable. Le Wand Petite holds on to that famous punch (without wires and outlets to manage) and comes in a pretty rose-gold color, too.

  1. Powerful Vibrators


    Le Wand
    Le Wand Petite
    goop, $135



The Most Powerful Bullet

Bullet vibrators are compact, cute, and easy to tote around in a purse or a pocket. We love them. Specifically, we love this one: In addition to having surprisingly powerful vibration packed into such a little device, Kiki de Montparnasse’s Etoile is made out of stainless steel, which gives it a satisfying weight. It’s small and precise—with the rumbly, heavy feeling of something much larger.

  1. Powerful Vibrators


    Kiki de Montparnasse
    Etoile Bullet Vibrator
    goop, $98



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Intensity is one of the first things we look for in an excellent vibrator. In case you’re looking for something else—a toy that’s travel-friendly, or something discreet, or the perfect vibrator for long-distance loving—we’ve got you covered on that front, too.



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